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Arris Stoneworks is a supplier of superior quality, hand-crafted natural stone products catering to the professional design community.

We can supply your project with extraordinary and custom stonework to compliment your demanding design and schedule requirements.


Our extensive experience with the technical specifications of producing stone allows us to create anything from rustic, elegantly crafted architectural stone and landscape paving to the most complicated hand-carved three dimensional sculpture. Your stone arrives at the jobsite cut to specified size, beautifully finished and ready to install.


From our initial consultation through delivery, we provide extraordinary stone and the expertise in masonry design to ensure your project evolves the way you envisioned it.


We offer a stone for every composition.

Whether you’ve interested in granite, sandstone, limestone or marble, we have a stone that fits your color palette, and matches your design intent.


Our product development efforts have spanned more than a decade, and we’re confident in our selection and knowledge of materials.

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No matter the style or scope of project, we deliver a personalized product unique for  you.


Most of our finishes have been continuously in use since stone was first quarried. They are a testament to the skills of ancient masons, and the simple perfection of well crafted stone. Arris Stoneworks guides our customers through the material and finish selection process to ensure your design goals are met, and the finished project exceeds your expectations.


Whether you are designing a stirring modern house, or a stately manor, we can provide stone in a variety of finishes perfectly suited to compliment and accentuate your design. 


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Supporting your vision by providing you with the right stone for the right price is our specialty.


Without imposing on your creative expression, we supply an open dialogue that provides you with the technical expertise to realize your creative endeavor.


Our process begins with an understanding of your project requirements. We work with you to find the right materials and identify the different components required.


We will prepare a detailed quote once the quantities and profiles have been determined. Our prices are inclusive of the stone, shop drawings, and delivery to your jobsite.


Our prices are competitive and fair. There are no surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you. That’s how we would like to be treated, and that is how our clients are treated.


We’ve earned loyalty from our architectural clientele who rely on the knowledgeable and accurate answers we deliver on technical and design details. 


Our clients know they can depend on the quality of the finished product, and we stand behind our service offerings as much as we do our stone.

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Once a contract is written, we begin our drawing and specification process.


Our detailed shops are generally produced as 3D drawings to ease visualization and add clarity – both for our clients as well as builders and production.


After the stone is cut and finished, each piece is carefully inspected for dimensional accuracy and the precision of the finishes.


Even after the stone arrives at the jobsite we support a quick installation by providing the information required to smoothly complete construction.  


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Arris Stoneworks is committed to providing you with the highest quality stonework available.


Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality stonework available; making sure it arrives, as it should, on time, and on budget. 


Our combination of raw materials, knowledge of stone production and meticulous oversight create limitless possibilities.You can count on us to provide you with the technical information required to make your project a success.


The quality of our service offerings is our major focus.


Our knowledge of the craft ensures you the highest quality workmanship and stonework to integrate into your design.


Our extensive architectural drafting and project management experience guarantees accuracy, and one of the quickest turn around times in the industry.


We train our team meticulously in our rigorous production and quality control standards. Team members include inspectors who supervise every step of the production process from selection of the quarry blocks, through the cutting, finishing and packaging of materials.

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We deliver work that, in addition to meeting our clients’ needs, also makes them proud.


Every project is unique and we embrace the challenges, and take the greatest pride in our customer’s satisfaction. 


We treat each object we produce with the same level of care and detail.  We approach each object as a work of art. We are your best partner who will supply your project with extraordinary and unique stone to fit your most ambitious project requirements.

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